Foro ‘Lounge Tailor_Hotel & Retail’ pavilion N3P2

First working day

12:00 h.- Meet The Press. presentation Tailor_Hotel & Retail by those responsible for the installation, Study {H} ac and those responsible for FIMMA – Maderalia and Feria Valencia. Cocktail Posterior

*Professionals invitation *

16:00 h.- Day and New Materials Design. At this meeting the new proposals that arise around new materials and their uses in interior design will be analyzed, decoration and architecture of outstanding professionals hand design.

  • Jose Manuel Ferrero. Study{H}and
  • Hector Ruiz. Ruiz Velázquez Architecture & Design Team

Second round

16:00 h.- Hotel Facilities day. What are the new trends in hotel facilities? We discover the riskiest proposals in this segment of the contract at a desk with outstanding agents of the sector.

With the participation of:

  • HMG. consultant
  • IC10. consultant
  • Intur Hotels. Hotel chain
  • NH. Hotel chain.
  • Casual Hotels. Hotel chain.
  • Rafael Fraile Architects.

Third day

16:00 h.- Jornada Retail. The scope of the 'retail’ and interior architecture for shops and outlets is emerging as one of the most dynamic in contract projects. Market analysis and Table Discussion with professionals in this segment.

    • Laureno Turienzo (Spanish Association of the Retail)
    • Retail Acierta
    • Bruno Arnau. Retail

Fourth and last day

11:00 h.- Day Sustainable Architecture. Much more than just a fad, eco-architecture is here to stay. A way of conceiving the architectural design sustainably, seeking to optimize natural resources and building systems in which the use of new materials is essential.

    • Francesc Rifé. And interior designer
    • Gonzalo Anguita. FSC
    • Pablo Narváez. PEFC
    • Bruno Sauer. Green Building Council

Forum Classroom ASEMAD’ pavilion N3P4

Second round

10:30 h.- Presentation 'Duditerm Pu Low Monomer'. European regulations on the use of adhesives containing isocyanates. News of the 2020. Introducing the product range of low emission of isocyanates During Live to processes canteado, coating lamination profiles and flat.

  • Speaker. Sr. Marco Bernardini
  • More info / More info

Third day

10:30 – 12:30 h. – Spaincontract day 'Wood as an ally of the contract’

10:30 h.– presentation ‘ Uses and applications of heat-treated wood in instalaciones'.

      • Florián Yubero, CEO Yubero&Belmonte

11: 00 h.- Paper `The value of timber in contract' projects

      • Amparo Ros and Isabel Rubio, Rubio interioristas&Ros

11:30 h.- Roundtable 'Wood as an ally of the contract'. What wood contributes to a project contract?; What are their technical and aesthetic properties that convince customers?; the added value of certified timber in contract projects; or sustainability as a trend and use of wood as a competitive strategy and marketing,

      • Jose Manuel Ferrero, designer estudihac
      • Isabel Rubio and Amparo Ros, Rubio interioristas&Ros
      • Florián Yubero, CEO Yubero&Belmonte
      • José Angel Moreno, CEO Carpentry Moreno
      • Cristina Revert, market analyst at the Observatory of Habitat Trends – AIDIMME
      • Modera: Macho dew, editor of Spaincontract

Forum 'Classroom Training’ pavilion N2P3

First working day

11:00 h.- round table 'New professional profiles and the digital transformation of the productive sector of wood and mueble.Industria 4.0'. The need to address the digital transformation of enterprises of wood and furniture. Diversity of software manufacturers CNC

  • Organize: Labora – Valencian Employment and Training Service
  • Modera: AIDIMME

Second round

10:00 h.- roundtable / demonstrative workshop 'and installation regulations Eurowindows'. Norma A 85219:2016 on placement of windows in work and the installation guide windows ASEFAVE.

  • Organize: Labora – Valencian Employment and Training Service

12:00 h.- Round table: 'The digital competition from new wood and furniture professionals'. Update training offer for professionals such as assemblers and installers who increasingly, projects addressed in a holistic manner with digital tools(taking action, request, assembly and installation).

  • Organize: Labora – Valencian Employment and Training Service
  • Modera: specialist teachers
  • Participates: Company CAD-CAM Software

Fourth and last day

11:00 h.- Roundtable 'From student to professional woodworking and furniture'. Companies and students of wood and furniture have the keys to success in employment in the sector

  • Organize: Labora – Valencian Employment and Training Service
  • Modera: Professor FP
  • Participates: Entrepreneur sector.

exhibitors acts

Second round

10:00 h.- Meet the Press! Biesse Pabellón N2P2 Stand D57

Meet the Press. Presentation of the new 'SmartACTION’

*Professionals invitation *

Third day

12:00 h.- AEIM – Spanish Association of Wood Industries Pabellón N3P2 Stand D76

Presentation of the new publication 'Quality and Certification in the Trade and Timber Industry’

18:00 h.- Rierge. N2P1 Pavilion Stand B58

Celebration of the 65 anniversary.

Centro de Eventos Feria Valencia Pavilion 5

Second round

19:00 h.- Afterwork FIMMA – Maderalia 2020

The great feast of the sector. The Afterwork night is a festive event aimed at all professionals in the furniture industry, decoration, carpentry, interior design, architecture, installation and prescribers waiting fun to hang productive par after the second day of the fair.

*Professionals invitation *

Permanent activities

pavilion N3P3. Stand inherited

B2B Meetings Meetings

International professional meetings between visitors and exhibiting companies in Fimma-Maderalia 2020. To participate, both exhibitors and visitors must register at the platform of this activity. Through this platform, it can send and receive meeting requests, once accepted, will generate an agenda of an agreement to the commercial interests of each participant.

With the momentum of:

    • HERITAGE (Spanish Association of Exporting Companies and COFEARFE (Federation of Spanish manufacturers of hardware and DIY)
    • IVACE (Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness)
    • Camera Trade Officer, Industria, Services and Navigation of Valencia.

pavilion N2P3

Carpentry by FIMMA – Maderalia’

New exhibition space where visitors will see practically the operation of machinery and materials processing in a real work process machines, tools, software and materials. It will be attended by teachers and students of FP-wood and has the support of the association PROFEMADERA.

The industry 4.0 – AIDIMME

Industry Technology Demonstration Stand 4.0