With extensive experience in foreign stage, Tarimatec facing this new season by focusing on the versatility of your material and the possibilities it represents. Not for nothing, it has been decided to launch its own furniture line which complements its already extensive range of pavement surface both horizontally and vertically. Another pillar on which bases its success lies in the exceptional quality and strength of its platform always bearing in mind the sustainability of their production.

New colors and wide 18 inches.

Looking more to visual cleaning Tarimatec developed profile 18 centimeters wide (3 centimeters larger than the original) listening to the demands of architects and interior designers, to generate compositions following the latest trends. Futhermore, Ethnic adds to its collection colors Ídingo and Formentera completing a suggestive range, with genuine wood texture. finally relaunches Chromatic with two additional colors: Cobalt y Moss. Tecno finish and Nature.

Tarimatec market expands and launches a line of outdoor furnishings collaboration with the designer Rafa Ortega.

Within the strategy of brand diversification, Tarimatec has launched a new line of furniture which has had the designer Rafa Ortega. Taking advantage of the durability and versatility of your material, He has developed a series of signature pieces where the stage is the protagonist. It highlights Block furniture for terraces and common areas, which it gives us the ability to narrow spaces by planters, banks and storage elements. In the words of the designer: "There is a balance between light, natural and resistance. Steel and wood flow in a natural way to give comfort in the seat and oxygen with planters ".

It has also introduced a very novel fence system under the name Paloalto and Centinela. A telescopic system of fences to fit in the spaces staggered, and so, keep the horizontal effect on its possible, avoiding staggered at its summit.

Sentinel, also, You can put as many LED lights as necessary or desired be, illuminating and protecting access, properties, Hotel interior gardens, residential spaces, etc..

Tarimatec by plastios Viters

Plastics Viters S.A. is a company dedicated to the extrusion of plastic profiles and tubes with an experience of more than 60 years in the sector. this experience, is linked to an innovative and a firm commitment to production equipment more modern and capable. This makes Viters Plastics S.A. sea, clearly, one of the most capable extrusion companies to carry out any project tailored to its customers, as well is credited with more than 1250 various products manufactured.

Our ISO quality system 9001:2015, certified by AENOR, It is one of the pillars on which the strategy is based on the company.

With the invaluable help of our customers, You are leaders in some applications for the construction sector and rehabilitation and scope of the products we manufacture spans a variety of industries and countries.

In the late 90, Our R & D think Plasticwood®, a composite of PVC with Vegetable fibers. The unique combination of both materials result in a product with excellent properties, a natural finish, high resistance to weathering and therefore, an extended life cycle.

Plasticwood® allows the possibility of manufacturing products varied. One of the most successful for our company, is the outdoor stage Tarimatec®.