[su_spoiler title=”[su_spoiler title=”How to obtain a visa to go to Feria Valencia ?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron” anchor=”gemerales”]Exhibitors / visitors who require an invitation letter to get the visa can complete the form by clicking here: "Invitation Letter". With these data FIMMA-Maderalia will generate a document to print and submit to the Embassy of Spain in their country of origin along with other necessary documentation. Thank you for exposing / visit FIMMA-Maderalia 2018. We look forward to see you soon at Feria Valencia. The exhibition will take place from 6 to 9 of February in Valencia, Spain. Remember that you should process the visa request at least 2 months prior to the date of the event. For any specific questions regarding visa management consuld the website of the Spanish Embassy, website: www.mae.es. For more information contact Sea Gomar at Feria Valencia: Tel: +34 96 386 11 40 Fax: +34 96 386 11 55 e-mail: mgomar@feriavalencia.com


[su_spoiler title=”Differences between trade fairs other marketing tools” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron” anchor=”gemerales”]Main characteristics differentiating trade fairs from other marketing tools: Necessary business tool supply and demand in a time and a specific space is concentrated to facilitate meetings and exchange (quality public) Trade fairs help, at the same time, staff and make accessible the product contact allowing the customer to see the reaction. It creates a favorable climatet thanks to the willingness of participating companies, both exhibitors and trade visitors. The fairs have become so BUSINESS CENTER commercial transactions as its hub status other relationships within sectors. The establishment of joint ventures and joint sectoral strategies, international cooperation actions, Market research or product testing are some of the activities that have found the ideal place to develop at fairs.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”What do trade fairs bring over other marketing tools?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron” anchor=”gemerales”]

1. COMMERCIAL EFFICIENCY: Trade fairs are at the second place in the ranking of efficiency in the sales process, just behind the sales force (according to the the US Center for Exhibition Industry Research - CEIR. in 1998). Fairs, thanks to their differentiating features, become a marketing tool which accelerates the sales process.

2. COST SAVING: Participation in fairs brings substantial savings because of two reasons: The concentration of buyers and suppliers in one place. It allows many marketing actions: sales force, advertising, promotion, Public Relations and Market Research.

3. SOURCE OF INFORMATION: According to a study of Simmons Market Research Bureau (1997), the fairs are the most effective source to gather information: Trade fairs provide a bidirectional information flow (supplier-client and vice versa). The fairs become the ideal forum to discuss problems and analyze new trends with other professionals in the sector.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Why go to Feria Valencia ?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron” anchor=”gemerales”]Feria Valencia is the exhibition company became a pioneer in Spain from its origins in the national and international reference of sector.Feria Valencia is the leading institution in the national scene: exhibition surface, services, number of professional events, number of trade fairs, largest and most prestigious professional trade fairs in Spain, etc.Feria Valencia is a dynamic and innovative institution that evolves with the changing needs and market conditions: constant renewal of the offer with the creation of new events, and adaptation of existing ones to the evolutions of the sector. Participatory Management model that combines the field knowledge and the involvement of experienced entrepreneurs in the management and organization of the fairs. Favored location of Feria Valencia in the axis of maximum groth of the Mediterranean area. Valencia also has a modern infrastructure that enable good connection with the rest of Spain and with Europe. The expansion project forms the largest and best exhibition space of Spain: 230.000 m² of exhibition area designed with innovative architectural standards that respond to the needs of exhibitors and visitors. Feria Valencia has bet on an urban model, at only 5 kilometers from the center of Valencia, investing heavily in its access for more convenience for exhibitors and visitors. ISO Quality Certification 9002 guarantees the professionalism of Feria Valencia, being the first Spanish Fair to obtain this certification from AENOR.[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”What services does Feria Valencia offer?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron” anchor=”gemerales”]Feria Valencia offers businesses a wide range of services to seek the convenience of exhibitors and visitors: more exhibition space and services to facilitate the realization of BUSINESS. Click here to view the services in detail.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How to get more information about the services offered by Feria Valencia?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron” anchor=”gemerales”]

BEFORE THE FAIR: For more information on the services described above or if you need other details, you should contact the person responsible for the fair. They will inform you about the procedures, application deadlines and other useful information.
DURING THE FAIR: If you need to solve any issue related to the contracted services you should contact the customer service: 96 386 12 72. Prior to the start of the contest you will receive a letter with a list of phones in order to help you answer any questions that you may have.


[su_spoiler title=”What are the benefits of attending Feria Valencia as a visitor?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron” anchor=”gemerales”]Collect a large amount and variety of information in a short space of time, getting an overview of the market Discover the latest news of the sector to be able to attend demonstrations and presentations of new products and / or services comprehensively Meet specialized supply sector, comparing prices, technical conditions and characteristics of the different companies. Meet industry trends by attending parallel events (congresses, seminars, etc.) and exchange views with experts and other agents examine the products before purchasing. Technical solutions to problems and needs and generate ideas to apply to the products of the company. Visit existing suppliers, contact with other suppliers and meet new ones operating in the sector. Establish contacts and networking with other industry players. Study the option of participating in the future as an exhibitor.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How I can maximize the results of my participation in Feria Valencia?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron” anchor=”gemerales”]

Checklist :
PHASE 1: Three / four months before approximately Establish goals for participation Gather information about the contest: Request the trade faire organizers data about the represented sectors, exhibiting companies, parallel activities, etc.. and the brochure for visitors. Plan the trip: Book accommodation. Decide the means of transport to be used and make any necessary reservations If you are from outside the European Union must prepare passport and / or visa. pre-mail (request for the registration card for professional visitors)
PHASE 2: Designing approximately two months before the daily plan: Establish a schedule of contacts with exhibiting companies at fair Define time to be spent on other activities: Other commercial visits: Walk through the pavilions to find new products, new suppliers. Meet supply and sector trends Attending parallel activities Develop a questionnaire to serve as a guide for interviews with exhibitors and where important information is scored. Hire the services of translation and interpretation if you do not master the language of the exhibitors you will be visiting.
PHASE 3: A month before about Contact exhibiting companies to set up interviews Check that have received invitations from any exhibitor (otherwise you should request it) Make business chips: company name, contact person, location at the trade fair (pavilion and stand number), meeting time, etc.. Register, if necessary, in the parallel activities of interest for your company
PHASE 4: Fair Contact Post new suppliers of interest analyze the collected information and compare alternatives offered by different providers evaluate the results


[su_spoiler title=”How to reach my goals as a fair visitor?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron” anchor=”gemerales”]To assess the participation in a fair away should make some reflections to help us properly evaluate the results and allow us to take corrective measures for future editions:Do not improvise the fair participation. You have to set targets and plan your visit well in advance. The results of the fair share are not immediate, medium and long term also appreciate the benefits of attending fair. Prioritize visits: They should visit the exhibitors in order of interest, it is very important to plan ahead for the time of your visit. It is convenient to take notes on the products and their features: price, method of payment, guarantees, technical assistance, etc.. proposals to evaluate retrospectively. It is advisable to attend the parallel activities (seminars, lectures, congresses, etc.) and presentation of products for trends and industry news. You have to make an overall assessment of the results based on all the benefits of participation in fair. In addition to the orders made must take into account other added values ​​as obtained ideas to implement in the company, the exchange of views, contact with other professionals, see directly the products, learn about new products, etc.[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Access Groups” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron” anchor=”gemerales”]To facilitate the access of groups to FIMMA – Maderalia please fill in the following form. Click here [/su_spoiler]