Feria Valencia will host next month of February a reference event for installation professionals, prescribers, furniture industry, decorators, carpinteriores, Interior designers and architects. FIMMA – Maderalia is held in the 6 to 9 of February 2018 and he does it again in its larger format and scale. A great appointment for the sector with numerous arguments to miss the main fair of the sector madera-carpinteria - decoration.

  1. Three fairs in a single area

FIMMA Maderalia coindira with the big event of the ceramic and bathroom, CEVISAMA. The coincidence of three fairs linked to decoration and interior design on dates and in a single enclosure, Feria Valencia, where it is possible to find a complete overview for indoor and outdoor equipment for interior design, public spaces, commercial facilities, hotels ...

  1. Inspiration and new proposals

Visitors, whether they are marketing specialists or professionals related to the sectors involved in the event, will find not only a complete offer, but also spaces for inspiration and presentation of new ideas. The event hosts also exhibitions, conferences , showrooms and activities around the city of Valencia. This variety of cultural events want to present a complete and a current picture of the interior design.

  1. An accessible city

Attending this event, and being there, is simple, thanks to the geographical location of the city. Valencia is well connected to major European capital cities. It has an international airport located few kilometers from the city. It is also possesses an high speed train (AVE) to Madrid, making Valencia easy to reach.

The city is also connected by other train services and routes with the rest of Spain.

  1. Maximize your time

If you want to have a global view of manufacturing and product innovations, of the current proposals in decoration and design articles, in Valencia you can find a complete offer. Furthermore, partecipating to this event spread in four days will give you the opportunity to gain the highest return on your time.

  1. Doing Business

Valencia will be a meeting point of important national and international representation of the most significant ceramic brands, bathroom and wood sector. In this appointment, It is possibile to increase the possibilities of doing business, both visitors and exhibitors. At the fairground and in the city, you will find spaces where supply and demand converge.

  1. Enjoy a new way of life

The city of Valencia offers opportunities to visitors in order to promote his architecture, its gastronomy, its history, its environment and its leisure time. The city will turn in greet visitors and provide an approach to Mediterranean lifestyle, which includes gastronomic and sports initiatives.