TAILOR HOTEL by estudi{H}and It is the new project around the contract that becomes one of the great attractions of FIMMA – Maderalia 2020. This is a facility that will recreate different rooms of a hotel and is designed and developed by the creative team of estudi{H}and, led by designer José Manuel Ferrero.

TAILOR HOTEL by estudi{H}and It generates an entire facility where materials visually powerful, textures and color of the materials of the most important exhibitors at this edition, will lead to an experience in an elegant Hotel, colorful and communicative.

TAILOR HOTEL by estudi{H}and is a proposal Hotel conceptual divided into four major environments where the game and textile work patterns will be the source of inspiration for all flexible system of horizontal and vertical surfaces to present the large amount of materials under a new approach, playing with patterns and using transparency and opacity in the architectural juxtaposition, an installation is created with dynamic compositions of materials with a unique perspective.

An electrifying visual concept that will amaze architects, designers and specifiers and it will be located in the N2P3 of FIMMA – Maderalia 2020.