FERIA VALENCIA and ARVET-GIES organise this brokerage event to be held in the framework of FIMMA-MADERALIA trade fairs (Valencia, 11-14 February 2014).

MADERALIA 2014 is the International Suppliers Trade Fair for Wood and Furniture Sector.

FIMMA 2014 is the International Trade Fair for Machinery and Tools for the Wood Sector.

This is a unique opportunity to share innovative technologies, production processes and commercialization targets in order to find new international business contacts and partners



Organizations involved in wood – furniture sectors: Manufacturers, Subcontractors, Researchers, Engineering companies, Distributors, Commercial agents, Decoration experts, Prescribers ...

You are working on: Ironwork and hardware products, Wood sheets boards, Edges and paper, Carpentry construction, Half finished products, Lacquers, New materials, First and second process machinery, Tools, Plants and installations, Environmental protection, Power generation, Engineering processes, Portable equipment, Book some time for your meetings at


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12 -12 -13 February: 10.30 - 13.30 / 14.30 - 17.30

14 February: 10.30 - 13.30


Meeting slots

30 minutes



Feria Valencia, pavilion 6 to (FIMMA-MADERALIA)



Online registration: 31st JAN 2014, 23.59 h

Meeting selection process: 1st – 7th FEB 2014




A matchmaking event provides pre-arranged Business-to-Business meetings between visitors and exhibitors: YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO IN ADVANCE

You choose meetings previously from your office: no undesired meetings! YOU SAVE TIME

You receive your schedule in advance, so that you can organize your trip to Valencia and coordinate other activities than B2B: YOU SAVE MONEY

You receive punctual information regarding organization progress: YOU ARE UPDATED

You will be supported before, during and after the matchmaking event: YOU ARE SUPPORTED AND RECEIVE FURTHER SERVICES

Thanks to international dissemination of this event (worldwide promotion) through adequate marketing tools, B2B website becomes into a first class promotional element for every registered company, even a long time after the event: YOU ARE BOTH INTERNATIONAL AND ONLINE


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