The crisis caused by the coronavirus has directly affected the Construction sector and raises doubts in the short and medium term, such as whether to continue building the same number and type of housing.. Experts point out that, whenever the economy allows it, the feeling of vulnerability to new pandemics will increase the demand for more sustainable homes and in healthier environments.

Today's society is known as the ‘indoor generation’. In normal situations we spend the 90% of our time in closed spaces: home, job, Gym, etc.. The confinement of the last weeks due to the Coronavirus, during which we've spent even more time in our homes, has made us wonder if they have versatile stays and if they cover all our leisure needs, study and work.

This paradigm shift caused by Covid-19 has also made us consider the need to live in more natural houses, more sustainable, healthier. The incorporation of elements that improve health is also transferred to facilities such as schools, hotels, offices or hospitals.

A possible example of sustainable construction is buildings in which wood is the main element, such as those manufactured by the company specialized in industrialized passive construction ARCHIMA (

According José Antonio González, founder and CEO of ARQUIMA: "In Spain, a country with a long tradition of concrete construction, there are many reluctance and taboos for wood construction, but in countries like the United States the 80% of the houses are made of wood and in Europe this type of construction is growing exponentially. The health crisis caused by Covid-19 will accelerate this trend also in our country and will help to make better decisions when it comes to constructing buildings and service infrastructures. ”.

A study recently published by the University of British Columbia and FPInnovations concludes that there is a close relationship regarding wood and human health. The presence of wood indoors reduces the activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System and the reaction of our body against stress. The chemical composition of wood has similarities to that of our body, so, at the energy level, it is a material that provides balance between body and mind and with nature. In recent years, especially in the United States and in the Nordic countries, the use of wood has increased in Hospitals and Medical Centers, as it has been shown to promote recovery, reduces stress and improves mood, helping to stimulate physical and mental health and well-being.

The Plataforma passive house, to which it belongs ARCHIMA, remember the importance, and now in a special way, that our buildings guarantee optimum levels of quality of the indoor environment. Passive houses regulate the temperature, humidity, CO2 concentrations and other pathogens and pollutants taking care of our health. In addition to having adequate insulation, this type of housing filters all the air that is introduced for hygienic renovation, guaranteeing optimal conditions of comfort inside.


Homes and equipment must be personal spaces that enhance the health and physical and psychological well-being of its users. Buildings without negative effects for the health of their inhabitants or for the environment. Living spaces that provide comfort, relaxation and to help us to reconnect and regenerate our bodies and minds daily.


"In ARCHIMA For years we have been aware of the problem of poorly ventilated interiors made up of toxic materials, that's why we build healthy buildings in which the well-being of people is a priority and we do it through natural materials without transforming, for its biological qualities and for its environmental safety. We are convinced that this is the future of Construction ”, apunta González.