The event will recreate a hotel and a 'retail' hand area of ​​the creative José Manuel Ferrero and Estudi{H}ac in which the most striking innovations of the exhibitors will display.

The aim is to open the profile trade visitors to the world of prescription, and architecture .

The biennial will take the celebration of Habitat Valencia Fair to promote its next edition, to be held from the 10 to 13 March 2020.

Valencia, 18 septiembre2019.-The world of contract will be the protagonist of FIMMA - Maderalia. The biennial leader in southern Europe around materials, components and solutions for the wood sector, carpentry and facilities will make a firm commitment to the contract segment in its next edition, to be held from the 10 to 13 next March in Feria Valencia. The appointment will open its profile visitor to the world of prescription (architects, interior designers or installers) with different initiatives around this segment between highlighting the MAC space, Materials and Components for Contract.

It is a unique space with its own personality within the exhibition area of ​​FIMMA - Maderalia and you will have a prominent role in all aspects related to the world of contract. One of the most spectacular will be the project 'Tailor Hotel', developed by Valencian design studio Study{H}andand arises from the creativity of the designer José Manuel Ferrero.

What is Tailor Hotel? Ferrero explains itself "It will be the centerpiece of the new FIMMA – Maderalia from which an entire facility will be generated visually powerful where materials, textures and color of products from participating brands come to life, resulting in a sensual experience, an elegant and enigmatic hotel, colorful and communicative ".

The facility will be structured in a divided into four major transparent and open areas everywhere hotel include a combination of recent developments of selected brands under a new approach, creating a minimal design language to reflect the spirit of each brand and provide a simple yet visually appealing background for each material with a new vision.

Therefore, the game and textile work patterns will be the source of inspiration to create a flexible system all horizontal and vertical surfaces to present the large number of products. "Playing with a focus on patterns and layers using transparency and opacity in architectural juxtaposition, an installation is created with dynamic compositions of materials with a visual perspective única.Un electrifying concept surprise architects, designers and specifiers ", Ferrero explains himself.

But the MAC project is much more than just installing 'Tailor Hotel' as the event open space to various private initiatives exhibitors themselves to hold various meetings, conferences , lectures and presentations that address the latest trends in the resort segment of the contract. Similarly area 'retail' will also be located with innovations for equipping stores and distribution points.

For this reason, FIMMA - Maderalia continues the path started in the last editions in which broadened its scope from the traditional segment of the suppliers for the wood industry and furniture to a much broader concept of materials, solutions and technology projects.