Biesse Iberian will be present at FIMMA 2018 a cone stand 900 m2, located in Pab. 8, N2, B6.

As the protagonist of the event, visitors can learn SOPHIA, the new platform of Internet of Things (Yacht) Biesse that will help them make their business more profitable. It is based on connecting machines to the cloud with the ability to send data and real-time information on the technology used to optimize performance and productivity of machines and systems.

"Innovating the Customer System. This is a powerful lens that Biesse is currently leading the market. It is going beyond the usual, not simply selling a machine or plant, but convey a complete experience to produce value for our customers”, says Stephen Little Pigs, Group general manager.

The outlook is always the same, but day after day becomes increasingly concrete: Thinkforward, create innovation through a series of integrated solutions, complex but easy to use, to produce better, more and at low cost. A philosophy that fits perfectly into the revolution that characterizes Industry 4.0, the trend of industrial automation integrating new production technologies to improve working conditions and increase plant productivity.

Precisely in this perspective comes SOPHIA, in collaboration with Accenture, which offers its customers a wide range of services to simplify and streamline the management of work.


In total they will be exposed 11 Biesse machines in operation, targeting all wood professionals, from large factories with high production volumes and companies must produce thousands of different products according to customer customization, to small businesses that often have the characteristics of craft enterprises.