The Spanish company BT Materials will carry out the expansion of the brand ASD Laminat, leading producer of laminate at European level, in the Spanish market, Maderalia visiting Portuguese and South America for the first time. One more year, Maderalia (Valencia) It has established itself as fair for professionals in the wood sector, and as such, BT Materials assists for the first time as a visitor but taking steps to put ASD stand Laminat and next year.

According to the manager of BT Materials "Maderalia is a very good choice for
introduced and gain a foothold in the Spanish market ". ASD now occurs Laminat 3 CHPL lines and 5 HPL and has resin reactors and facilities with an annual production capacity of laminate 35.000.000m2, which it has placed him among the leading brands in Turkey and Europe.

Since its inception, Laminat ASD has had a very strong growth, today to become a company that exports to over 60 countries. ASD Laminat has very good product with great variety and with a very high potential when technology and innovation, allowing you to be a leader in both product and design, and so it shows in his new collection 18-19.

Futhermore, and novelty, this year have created a specific catalog for each of your applications: phenolic compact, HPL and CHPL and doors, thus facilitating the work of customers in each of the sectors.

The vast experience and expertise of BT Materials team makes them perfectly knowledgeable of the Spanish and Portuguese market, which is a very important asset for ASD Laminat. On the other hand, the totally unexplored but with great growth potential South American market in the coming years is.