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At last we have!, a32z brings to the market Enigma, the first fitting of the market, removable and invisible, machined using simple drills, (also it can be milled). Simple, Quick, Powerful and versatile for all joints

Less time programming / machining the fittings and connectors

With a global savings over the usual connectors 60% of time (machining + installation + mounting) and all at a very affordable price.

  • CNC machining all type, multiple drill
  • Inventory reduction to the minimum. Same fittings for all joints / possible applications.
  • It allows flat pack package with all the hardware structure
  • Assembly and removal
  • Pdf Manual Instructions / simple brochure available in our
  • Kits (set screw Enigma +) 100, 500, 1.000 and 6.000 Unds
  • large consumers (consultar precios). Shipping boxes 6.000
  • Available on our website a32z.com and usual distributors.
  • HTTPS://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQF6wbE_D1VDG4BF5fKHYZg/videos

Enigma, Removable hardware and Invisible.

Simple, Quick, Powerful. Will allow you to make all joints and possible designs with the same hardware / connector.

Enigma makes easy what until now was very complicated.

* For more information www.a32z.com and e-mail info@a32z.com