35C50 paint pump SAMES KREMLIN has been designed to meet the growing demand for water-based paints.

35C50 paint pump Airmix® provides excellent performance and exceptional benefits from our proven pump technology. With a powerful air motor, the 35C50 can feed both 2 Airmix® as pistols 2 pistolas Airless, with a section of fluid volume changes optimized for quick color with minimal material loss.

Kits paint pump 35C50 Airmix® are available in wall mounting and trolley. available (1) Pistola manual Xcite™ Airmix® de 200 bar equipped with a nozzle 12.114 and air lines and product 7.5 m. Also available is a version with airless spray gun sFlow ™. a variety of accessories to meet offered all the needs of customers and markets.


  • Controlled start-up of the pump, starting at very low pressure (0,6 bar), thanks to the magnetic shift valve. For easy priming and cleaning.
  • The differential air motor (know-how de Sames Kremlin) progressively actuate the pump allows for maximum comfort and safety for the operator (9 fluid pressure bar).
  • His new piston technology provides a continuous flow of paint to obtain a homogeneous application and a constant thickness for superior finish quality.
  • Compatible with most coatings thanks to the sealing system of the cartridge MBA (proprietary).
  • Designed with a minimum of parts, which means less wear parts, less inventory and lower cost of ownership.
  • Designed to allow non-specialists maintenance and repair.
  • Many accessories available to customize the pumps and meet all customer needs.


  • small and medium shops seeking flexibility and affordable cost of ownership.
  • Intensive use with one or two guns, with or without recirculation.
  • Dedicated to frequent changes Color.
  • Especially recommended for manual applications Airmix® and Airless, pump combines a compact design, robust and easy to work.
  • With the hydraulic section C50, It is suitable for applications one or two guns Xcite ™ or sFlow ™ spray and heating systems.

compatible materials

Coatings water base and solvent, 1K and 2K (viscosities 10 to the 5000 cps):

  • varnishes
  • Topping
  • Lacas AM
  • Conversion layer
  • acrylics
  • polyurethanes
  • tints