• Send your request for participation and pay the Registration Fees.
  • Include an advertising banner in your communications.
  • Payment of 20% of the stand value amount  once you have received the confirmation of your location. Wait to recieve your Proforma Invoice.
  • Request for the pre-decorated stand model (in the case you need it) to czahonero@feriavalencia.com. See the available Predecoration Option .
  • Request those necessary services for your participation through the Exhibitor Portal before February 28, 2022. Wait to receive a Username and Password. 
  • Send your decoration project for approval and copy of the accident insurance of the assemblers to personalmontajes@feriavalencia.com (Only for companies with free floor, without Predecoration). Assembly fee payment.
  • Do you need to book hotel nights? Contact Viajes El Corte Inglés.
  • Data management in the ONLINE CATALOG through https://apps.feriavalencia.com. Enter the same Username and Password as in the Exhibitor Portal. 
  • Send your company logo to czahonero@feriavalencia.com if you want to receive the DIGITAL INVITATION for your clients. 
  • Once you receive the digital invitation send it to your clients.
  • Download the APP on your mobile if you want to register visits to your stand during the fair.
  • Payment of the remaining 80% of the value of your stand and the services requested must be completed before March 11, upon receipt of your proforma invoice .
  • If you need to contract the reception of merchandise or the loading and unloading service, contact MOLDTRANS. Direct payment. 
  • March 14: start of assembly. The assembly passes  may be withdrawn at the  Service Cental Office of Feria Valencia. 
  • You can request that the exhibitor passes will be sent by e-mail.
  • March 27: last day for the entry of merchandise with vehicle to the stand.
  • March 28: only placement of the merchandise on the stand.
  • March 29 to April 1: Beginning of celebration of the event at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • April 1 at 6:15 p.m. removal of merchandise with no vehicles until 10 p.m. Exhibitor pass or assembly pass will be required. Any amount outstanding payment must be paid.
  • April 2: removal of merchandise and dismantling of stands from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • From April 3 to 8: dismantling of stands and removal of waste from 8 to 20 hours.
  • After the fair, you will be able to manage the information of your visits in  https://apps.feriavalencia.com/ will

Assembly and Disassembly Regulations

Dear Exhibitor,

We welcome you to our Private Exhibitor Zone where we will provide you with an interactive service where you can enter and consult information of interest related to your participation.

It is very important that you read this information. You will find everything you may need for assembly and disassembly of your stand and fair celebration. 

Technical Manual

Here you can download the calendar with dates for assembly, disassembly and celebration of the Fair.

During the assembly and disassembly of FIMMA-MADERALIA free parking for cars and vans will be enabled.

If the download is necessary, the access of these vehicles to the perimeter of the pavilions will be made prior to deposit of € 50 IN METAL, proceeding to the return of the same, if the parking does not exceed the maximum established time of 1 hour.

This deposit will also be applicable during the days of celebration for the access of catering, cleaning or maintenance vehicles, although in this case, the parking time will be 2 hours.

(Request the necessary authorization for catering vehicles from personalmontajes@feriavalencia.com).

Decoration Options

If you need to request a predecorate model, click on the attached link:

Please note that you can request this service through the Exhibitor Portal.

Furniture for free floor Stand or Predecorated Stand of Maderalia

Furniture for free floor Stand or Predecorated Stand of FIMA

Service Contracting of Feria Valencia

Important: Services requested after February 28 may have a 25% extra on the price.

In order to manage your services request quickly and easily, we put at your disposal the following platform: Exhibitors Portal

You can find the username and password in the e-mail that will be forwarded to your company in-box under matter «Credenciales de acceso / Access credentials».

You may also send the completed forms of the services requested to centraldeservicios@feriavalencia.com:

FIMMA Service Form

Maderalia Service Form

It is very important that you read this information. You will find everything you may need for assembly and disassembly of your stand and fair celebration. 

Technical Manual


Check the working days calendar below.


Waste Removal Service Form

IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon completion of the task of dismantling of the installations, you must leave the premises in the same condition as you found them. If the exhibitor does not apply for it but rubble appears in his location, FERIA VALENCIA has the ability to apply the amount of the withdrawal notice thereof to the exhibitor with a 20% OF SURCHARGE.

Passes and cards must be collected at the Central Service Office upon arrival at the Fair.

The exhibitor’s pass will be sent by e-mail to the person requesting it via this e-mail tesoreria@feriavalencia.com. In order to do so, all payments for the stand and services must have been made and/or the corresponding receipts must have been submitted.

Exhibitor Cards

Assembly and Disassembly Passes

Important: Please note that exhibitors and decorators requesting assembly passes must present a copy of the accident insurance.

Please note that you can request it through the Exhibitor Portal or by sending this Forms:

Maderalia Furniture

FIMMA Furniture

See here the new rates negotiated with the service provider company with better conditions.

Request parking for trucks using the attached form by sending it to centraldeservicios@feriavalencia.com. The price of the service is € 25 / day.

Access to the Online Catalogue - Feria Valencia APP

You can manage your data in the Online Catalog and the information about the visits to your stand or the interest shown in a product here.

Visitors can search and check out information about exhibitors and their products in the online catalogue. They can also organise their visit by flagging exhibitors and/or products they are interested in.

Feria Valencia APP

To enter you must use the Username and Password that you have received to access to Exhibitor Portal.

Download the App on your mobile. This is a system that will allow you to read, with the application scanner, the bar code (QR code) on the passes of visitors who have pre-registered, retrieve their contact details and make a note of commercial information regarding their visit to your stand.

You will be able to see all the information collected in https://apps.feriavalencia.com

Online Catalogue

To edit or consult the data of the Online Catalog, you must use the Username and Password that you have received to access the Exhibitor Portal.

You can modify your data, include images, products, videos and control visits or appointments, in this Link

Here you have a manual and video so you can see how it works.



Acces to the Website Catalogue. Here below you will see how your company’s information appears in the catalog.


Foreign Guests Invitation

International buyers can be proposed from any country, with preference from France, Portugal, Italy and North of Africa.

In order to compile the relationship of foreign guests of FIMMA-Maderalia 2022, please send  the complete data of those customers you wish us to invite, up to a maximum of 10 by order of relevance. The fair achives the cost of a hotel room per company invited for 2 nights, breakfast included (either SINGLE or TWIN. The additional cost of hotel rooms and/or days will be by the side of the company that proposes or even by the guest.

It is important to specify us the complete data and identification of the guest. Only responsibles of purchasing will be admitted . We will not accept proposals of commercial/trade delegates from your company.

We provide you an Application Form to fill out all the necessary information click here. It is essential to indicate the e-mail of the given contact for us to send the invitation.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal on +34 963 861 140 Mar Gomar or by e-mail mgomar@feriavalencia.com

Deadline for the admission of your proposed guests will be JANUARY 28.

How to attract more visitors to your stand?

Invitations to your customers- Online Ticket

FIMMA-Maderalia has at your disposal the online ticket, so that you can send the invitation to your clients.

If you want to have this tool, just send us your company logo with a size of 368 px (width) x 70 px (height) in jpg format and weighing 15 kb, to the following email: czahonero@feriavalencia.com

You will receive an e-mail in Html to be forwarded to your clients, so that they can register in the Web and obtain free tickets.

You will be able to edit the text of that e-mail, before sending it, but always respecting the INVITATION link.

  • Send the electronic invitation that the organization will provide you. In this way, your clients can get free access to the venue, avoiding long queues.
  • Insert a FIMMA-MADERALIA banner In your website to call your presence at the show.
  • Communicate in your newsletters your participation in the fair and the activities you have planned during the event.
  • Insert the FIMMA-MADERALIA banner and your stand location in your e-mail signature caption.
  • Insert a FIMMA-MADERALIA review in your advertisement in a specialized media.
  • Inform your clients and potential clients of your presence at the fair.
  • Forward the event to all your contacts.
  • Post your press releases on our Facebook to be seen by all FIMMA-Maderalia followers.
  • Retweet interesting information about the contest.
  • Send us your news so that we can publish them in the press kit, which is delivered to all the media, both national and international.
  • Send us the agenda of your events during the fair.
  • Mention in the press releases that your company informs the media that you are an exhibitor at FIMMA-Maderalia. This will be a good recall for your potential clients.
  • E-mail contact: rsabater@feriavalencia.com

Sponsorship Options

FIMMA-Maderalia venue is the right place to advertise, since it is the professional visitor who visits.

Download the Dossier or Consult it online.


Fill out the following document to request the sponsorship option you want to buy.