El Grupo Atempo presenta sus soluciones en cocina en Maderalia 2016


Decorative solutions for experts. The Atempo Group showcases its kitchen solutions at Maderalia 2016

  • Finsa, in collaboration with a group of customers, has co-developed a number of high-quality and modern-design kitchen components, which will be showcased in Valencia in February
  • Three collections resulted from the collaboration: Babilonia, whose aesthetics are similar to those of home furnishings; Persa, with a clean, no-handle design; and Inca, with integrated handles
  • Over the last few months, a roadshow has travelled all throughout Spain to present the ranges to hundreds of professionals

Finsa, in collaboration with a group of customers, has co-developed a series of high-quality kitchen components, which offer ergonomics and a contemporary design – the Atempo range, which will be showcased at Fimma-Maderalia from 2 to 5 February. Specifically, the group is taking part in the exhibit with a large show truck, located at booth C-120 N3-P7, featuring the three collections that have resulted from the partnership: Babilonia, Persa and Inca.

Before attending the fair, Atempo has showcased this new range in a roadshow that toured all across Spain during the months of December and January. All the steps of this tour can be followed on Twitter and Facebook, with the hashtag #atemporoadshow. After Maderalia, the truck will continue travelling through the Valencian Community, Catalonia and Madrid.

The three collections – Babilonia, Persa e Inca – include Premium 8.0 inner modules, which can adapt to the new standard height (80 cm) and are made of moisture-resistant, antibacterial particle board.The Atempo collection offers three aesthetic options, all featuring a clean and modern design, with ample storage space and multiple options in terms of combinations of doors, shelves, drawers, etc., which allow the customer to adapt it to their specific needs and kitchen space. Moreover, all lines are characterised by functionality and practicality, in order to streamline daily work in the kitchen.

On the one hand, Babilonia offers countertops which are aesthetically thin but are made with high-strength materials, with different thicknesses (22mm and 40mm) of the same design, possibility of horizontal or vertical grain orientation and the use of tufts, toe kick and panels in the same colour as the top. On the other hand, we have Persa, a no-handle line, in which the combination of the door and the architecture of the countertop allows creating the effect of a handle without any hardware, in a modern, contemporary style. Last but not least, Inca offers very elegant aesthetics, marked by simplicity, thanks to an integrated finger handle, in the same colour as the fronts, and a thin countertop.

All three ranges are finished with different Finsa designs, from solid black or white surfaces with matte finish, to faux stone or wood designs from the Studio Range, featuring fronts and countertops in ash, acacia, oak, pine and walnut.

Finsa developed this collection in collaboration with a diverse group of customers from all over Spain that contributed to the design of the different ranges and that will now distribute this Atempo range. Those customers are Montakit (Madrid), Maderas Lamas (A Coruña), Maderas Besteiro (Lugo), Canteli Albuerne (Gijón), Madermar (León), Maderas José María (Salamanca), Kúbico (Sevilla), Jurado Olmo (Córdoba), Hermanos Gámez (Málaga), Maderas Medina (Granada), Alpisa (Madrid, Valencia y Murcia), Maderas Riera (Mallorca), Forstil (Castellón), Maderas Sorli (Castellón) and Maderas Virrey (Barcelona).

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