Iberlamit as exclusive distributor for Spain and Portugal of Crown Decor, belonging to the group Royale Touche Laminates, brand laminates started in 1978 in order to create high-quality decorative laminates and innovative, a presence in more than 60 countries around the world and a manufacturing capacity of more than 24 million square meters per year, He is pleased to introduce two new features in the contest Maderalia FIMMA 2020, the Tabillo and Impression collections.


Compact HPL tables, for Horeca, garden, exterior,… HPL is a product made of high polymer technology that provides extreme durability for both interior and exterior applications. It has a high resistance to scratches, to chemicals and to wear, making it a perfect choice for public and institutional furniture, work surfaces and tables catering.

The surface is protected against UV radiation and is an ideal product for
outdoor applications. We also offer the possibility of customizing the design by digital printing technique. This collection is available in more than 100 colors and various surface finishes.


Compact HPL exterior floors, decking, balconies, pools,… Impression is a revolutionary outer panel phenolic compact soil applications a non-slip textured surface. The panels are made with thermoset resin reinforced with cellulose fiber for added strength and durability.

Built acrylic overlay provides protection from UV and panels are rigorously tested for durability according to standard EN438. The textured surface finish confers anti-slip properties, raincoats, frost resistant and weathering. Unlike other flooring materials, Impression is available in more than 600 designs and 4 different types of surface textures.