itus Group will be exhibiting its latest hardware solutions at FIMMA Maderalia 2016

Titusoft SD100

Soft closing mechanism for sliding doors Titusoft SD100

Titusoft SD100 is a soft closing mechanism for application on top front running sliding door systems. Intuitive positioning on the top of the cabinet and a non-handed design allows for simple and precise mounting. Titusoft SD100 can be installed during the furniture assembly or later, when the furniture is already in use. Titus hydraulic damper, the core component of Titusoft SD100, ensures reliable and consistent soft closing action and a ‘ConfidentClose’ throughout lifetime of the furniture. System requires customized activator and base for fixing.

Tekform drawer

Tekform drawer

Tekform drawer, a family of double wall drawers characterised by a simple mounting procedure and a reliable performance with ‘ConfidentClose’. The fast and simple ‘EasyFix’ locking system of the front panel connector requires just a hand insertion and a quarter turn of the screwdriver to reliably lock the connection. Its expanding feature allows for repeatable assembly and disassembly of the front panel. Optimal drawer alignment is comfortably accomplished through an intuitive vertical and horizontal adjustment procedure. The rigid drawer and rail design assures drawer stability in open position.Titus damper that is integrated in all Tekform drawers adds value to the furniture providing a reliable and consistent soft closing tuned to end consumer preferred  ‘ConfidentClose’ features: fast, gentle, silent and safe.

Titus Damper

Multi-purpose damping technology applied to ovens

The latest damper solution for white goods is conceived for damping objects with greater load. It can operate in the temperature range between -20 and +120°C and is especially appropriate for use on oven doors. Its progressive feature keeps the bounce-back to a minimum.Titus hydraulic damper delivers a life-long reliable and consistent damping action. Its modular design enables quick development of custom solutions for various applications in furniture hardware, white goods hardware and other house-hold applications.

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